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Who are we?

Taketani Judo Academy originated at the Malvern Health and Fitness Centre in 2013 and in November 2016 we opened our own full-time Judo Dojo in Oakleigh. In October 2018, after just 2 short years of incredible growth, we moved to our new state of the art Dojo just around the corner in Huntingdale.

We have more than 80 junior and 40 senior members. We currently have 23 medallists from the Australian National Judo Championships with 12 National Champions training with us.
Head coach Nao is from Japan and he has 4th Dan Judo black belt. He graduated from one of the most prestigious Judo universities in Japan and has trained with Olympic athletes in Japan, USA and Australia.

Why choose us?

Our head coach Nao and junior beginners and women’s coach Kasumi both learned their Judo in Japan. They started Judo from the age of 6 and trained at the highest level until they moved to Australia. We coach a Japanese style of Judo which we teach both to the juniors and seniors and ensure that the training environment encompasses high levels of respect and discipline. Nao is also the Head Coach for the Junior Victorian State Team and one of the National Cadet Team coaches recently taking a team to Europe to train and compete.
One of our special programs for our members is a Japan Judo Camp. We take students to Japan every 2nd year and train at local Judo clubs. We of course do sightseeing and eat Japanese foods. This is a great opportunity to experience Japanese Judo as well as the Japanese culture.

Our Coaches

Nao leads a team of coaches with Kasumi and Sunny helping in specialist areas and have been working together since 2010. Since then they have been developing up their own teaching method which is based on a Japanese Judo style and Japanese teaching philosophy. All our coaches are high level national competitors and have vast experience as a coach. Kasumi and Sunny have a great experience in their Judo life. Please check their profile.

Nao Taketani 

• Bachelor of Physical Education from Kokushikan University
• Certificate III & IV in Personal Trainer from Fitness Australia
• NSAS in Judo – National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.
• Kodokan Judo Institute 4th Dan
• High School Physical Education Teacher License from Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education
• Certificate in First Aid from Australia Wide First Aid

Nao started his Judo journey in Osaka, Japan in 1988. He enrolled in Junior high school, high school and university with a focus on Judo. His university ‘Kokushikan University', stays at the top of the ladder every year. Nao studied physical education focused on the Martial arts of Judo. While studying at University he trained and competed with many Olympic athletes.

Nao is a multiple champion (4 X Japan Regional Champion), and has worked with the US Judo team prior to the Beijing Games in 2008. He has helped his students become National Champions in Judo in Australia. Nao has worked with some of the best from all over the world and is willing to share his advice and experiences.
He has coached several students to National level championships. He is qualified and accredited (both Japan and Australia) and wants to help his students succeed
Nao is a high performance coach with international experience in mentoring Athletes to achieve a standard higher than their own expectations. He has personally trained against international opponents in Europe, Asia, North America and now in Australia.
He has trained Australian national medalists and Australian Team members. His goal is to provide the support for all of the members so that they achieve their highest results on a consistent level.

Kasumi Muramatsu

Kasumi started judo in Japan when she was seven. She became a top athlete in Japan at 14 years of age, since then she was ranked number 1 in the all Japan championships and was chosen as a member of Japanese judo national team.
She moved to Australia in 2004 where Kasumi continued competing in Australia and won the Australian Championships from 2005 to 2009. She has trained and competed with many Olympians from all over the world and enjoys sharing her elite judo experiences with her students.
Kasumi is also a qualified teacher in Australia, she completed her Bachelor of primary/ Early childhood education through University of Tasmania and has worked in Australian primary schools, kindergarten and child care centres for many years. She has warm and caring nature and always wanting to help students to improve their skills from basic to advanced levels.

Sunny Chua

Sunny started Judo in Singapore when he was 12 years old and has continued Judo ever since. Sunny showed great enthusiasm for the art and was promoted to Judo captain of his neighborhood high school, where he led the team and himself to multiple victories.
Sunny has traveled and trained in Japan and Europe to see experience different approaches to coaching Judo.
Sunny remains passionate about the art, even after 18 years. He motivates the team and ensures beginners feel welcome to the club. He remains competitive in Judo and BJJ tournaments.
Sunny has medaled in the Australian Nationals 2013, Oceania International Open 2013 in Samoa, resulting in a rank on the IJF ladder.
Sunny is the director of Dojo Mats which supplied the club with all our mats. More information can be found at www.dojomats.com.au