Taketani Judo Academy originated at the Malvern Health and Fitness Centre in 2013. In November 2016, we opened our own full-time Judo Dojo in Oakleigh. In October 2018, after just 2 short years of incredible growth, we moved to our new state of the art Dojo just around the corner in Huntingdale.


We have more than 60 junior members and 30 senior members. We currently have 14 medalists, 7 gold , 2 silver  and 5 bronze, from the Australia National Judo Championships 2018 training with us.

Head coach Nao is from Japan and he has 4th Dan Judo black belt. He graduated from one of the most prestigious Judo universities in Japan. He has trained with Olympic athletes in Japan, USA and Australia.


He is also a qualified personal trainer with a specialism in weight control and also elite athlete strength and conditioning.

Our logo is important to us as the red and white colours and circles represent the Japanese flag. The circles are arranged to resemble the character 心 (Shin) meaning mind, heart and spirit. This is the very essence of Judo.



Our head coach Nao and junior beginners and womens coach Kasumi both learned their Judo in Japan. They started Judo from the age of 6 and trained at the highest level until they moved to Australia. We coach a Japanese style of Judo which we teach both to the juniors and seniors and ensure that the training environment encompasses high levels of respect and discipline.


One of our special programs for our members is a Japan Judo Camp. We take students to Japan every 2nd year and train at local Judo clubs. We of course do sightseeing and eat Japanese foods. This is a great opportunity to experience Japanese Judo as well as the Japanese culture.


As a personal trainer, Nao is a high performance fitness instructor with international experience in mentoring athletes to achieve a standard higher than their own expectations. Nao helps Australian national medalists and national squad members' body conditioning and strength. As he helps national top athletes to prepare for competitions, he knows what it takes to succeed.


Nao is also one of the Victorian State Judo coaches and coaches at a training camp at the AIS each year for up and coming Judo players.


Nao leads a team of coaches with Kasumi and Sunny helping in specialist areas and have been working together since 2010. Since then they have been developing up their own teaching method which is based on a Japanese Judo style and Japanese teaching philosophy. All our coaches are high level national competitors and have vast experience as a coach. Kasumi and Sunny have a great experience in their Judo life. Please check their profile.



We offer a wide range of classes and we are open 6 days a week. Our classes are:



All of these are set at a different level and environment to meet you your needs.

Spread the culture of Judo

Workshop & Performance

We visit schools and Japanese festivals for Judo Performances and Workshops

Since 2010, we have visited primary and secondary schools to educate students about Judo. Our goal with these events is to educate children not only just about the sport but also its deep seeded values that come from Japanese culture such as respect, humility and self control.


Judo in self-defense class

We also have run several Judo classes in PE class in secondary schools as self-defense. This can be:

A single session

One day course or

2 to 5 weeks course (one session or 2 sessions a week)


We can visit your schools or you can visit out academy.


Judo take-down techniques for MMA and BJJ practitioners

This is a great opportunity to learn Judo take-down techniques if you do not have Judo instructors in your gym.

Rent our mat space

Rent our mat space

Our 14m by 11m mat space is available to rent. If you are looking for a space to run:


Kids Play Ground

Martial Arts Competition or Workshop

Yoga and Pilates Class or Workshop or

Other events


Please check our facility.



14m by 11m Judo Mats Area with Sprung Floor and Safety Wall Mats

We can set 4 × 4m by 4m, 2 × 5m by 5m or 1 × 6m by 6m contest area(s)

3 Changing Rooms

Large Spectator Area

6m by 4.5m Office Room

Male, Female and Wheelchair Toilets

Kitchen Area

8 Car parking spaces on the site. There are plenty parking spaces on the street as well.


We also have Wall Timer, Stop Watch × 2, Chairs, Desks, Tables, Weight Scale, Speaker etc.


Please contact us if you need more information, availability or renting fee.


If you need any further clarification on classes, demonstrations or anything else we offer please feel free to drop us a line below.

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